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Landscape Architecture Services – What Are the Architectural Terms Used in Architecture?

Architecture services by definition are any work that is done in support of the beautification of a building, whether it is a residential or commercial structure. However, as buildings have become a necessary part of our daily lives, the field has come to include several different professions within the field. As such, architectural professionals are now required in many different types of building projects. If you are looking for a career in this industry, here is a brief rundown of the different professional services that are available:

Landscape architecture is one of the architectural professional services that is actually considered a profession. This type of architecture focuses on the visual appeal of a property and the landscaping of it. While many people may not think of a landscape architect as being important, in fact this is an important aspect of the field and a vital part of many different types of buildings. A landscape architect’s professional services may involve the creation of a city’s skyline or he may create outdoor space around a particular building.

In addition to landscape architecture services, another important type of service is land surveying. Land surveys is the process of mapping the surface of a given area so that it can be accurately planned. Without accurate mapping, cities and counties would find it extremely difficult to plan for city development and expansion. As a result, land surveying offices are often incorporated into larger maps of the jurisdiction that the professional has worked with. Therefore, if a landscape architect is working with a governmental entity, the office will be located within the jurisdiction.

In some jurisdictions, architects are also required to participate in a licensing exam. Although most people view architecture as an art form, in some states, land surveying and landscape architecture services are required as part of the licensing process. In order to be properly licensed in your state, an architectural professional must pass both the examination and a professional practice examination. Once these two requirements are satisfied, you will be issued a license to practice. Each state will have its own application procedures. Therefore, you should consult your licensing board to determine the exact steps you need to follow in order to apply for a license.

A title block is also a very important part of landscape architecture documents. When planning your landscape, it is often difficult to incorporate the individual components of your project into the designated space. Title blocks can help you clearly note which specific components of your project are yours. If you have to move or replace any items during the project, the title block will allow you to note that you have received and agree to transfer all rights, title, and interest in these items to a particular party.

Finally, architecture firms frequently consult with business corporations regarding contract development and/or contract manufacturing. A title block can help you to understand the legal terminology of contract development and many firms choose to use this portion of the architecture firm as a part of their overall service corporation planning. Your title block should specifically state the business corporation law section that is intended to cover contract development and/or contract manufacturing. Your title should also clearly note that the architecture firm is a member of the firm and that any legal issues that may arise during the course of your work should be directed towards the applicable business corporation law section.

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